View of San Diego using Cesium and US 2020 Census Data

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The best data scientists, business analysts, and even video journalists earn higher salaries by standing out from their peers. “Data Visualization in the Metaverse” teaches YOU how to set yourself apart from others. The course shows how to build an interactive app in 3D that navigates around a globe and inspects data. The course accomplishes this by using Unreal Engine, the same tech used by video game companies to create photorealistic effects.

Film burn used as background.
Scenes created in Unreal Engine 5. Top and bottom scene from UE5 city sample.

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Unreal Engine Logo.
Unreal Engine Logo.

This course uses Unreal Engine 5, the same technology used in AAA video games and used by Hollywood studios to create photorealistic effects.

Course Overview

Python in colab. Bash shows the first two lines in the file. Pandas shows there is over 8 million lines in the overall file.

We start off by looking at data and do a very brief overview of data analysis and Python. No prior Python experience necessary.

We then gradually build our demo using visual blueprints and prebuilt components.

A blueprint for a level within Unreal Engine 5.
A blueprint showing emissive materials in Unreal Engine 5.

The course is designed so that you get the data visualization demo up and running as quickly as possible while learning about different concepts in Unreal Engine.

Once you have the demo running, we start to take a look at how to construct the custom components of the demo in C++

Code showing how to build basic objects in C++. A dog and a snake are used as examples.
Showing the sunset within cesium that appears when the course demo starts.

By the end of the course, you will have gone through every blueprint, every line of code, and every detail needed to create your own interactive data visualization app.

I have even included a bonus section that shows how to create a basic menu within Unreal Engine 5.

A screenshot of the UMG UI Designer for Unreal Engine 5.
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